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Biography Writer

Graduated From Electro Engineering Undip, Indonesia
Spesiality in Biomedical Enginnering.

Job desc.
I am a dedicated Technical Support Specialist with expertise in providing exceptional customer service and resolving complex technical issues in the healthcare industry. I ensure prompt and effective resolutions for customer escalations. Here are some key aspects of my role:

Customer Escalation Management: I analyze customer problems and assemble a skilled escalation team to determine the root cause of the issue. By collaborating closely with cross-functional teams, we develop comprehensive action plans that address the core challenges while ensuring customer satisfaction.

Senior Leadership Engagement: I recognize the most severe escalations and present them to senior leadership for their awareness and support. This enables efficient decision-making and facilitates effective resolution within the business unit and the market.

Root Cause Analysis and Preventive Actions: I conduct thorough root cause analysis to identify underlying issues after concluding escalations. Based on these insights, I initiate and implement corrective actions to prevent the recurrence of similar problems, improving overall product performance and customer experience.

Compliance and Feedback Management: I adhere to training protocols by promptly submitting safety allegations and managing customer feedback within two business days. This ensures compliance with industry standards and demonstrates a commitment to quality and continuous improvement.

Knowledge Sharing and Training: I collaborate with Business Groups and markets to develop and deliver knowledge-sharing sessions and technical seminars. These initiatives enhance the productivity and effectiveness of field and remote specialists, promoting a culture of continuous learning and growth.

Dealer Support and Performance Enhancement: I actively assist dealers in improving their service performance by providing guidance, resources, and training. I also support them in embracing new ways of working aligned with ISO standards and company processes, enabling them to deliver exceptional service and reduce material costs.

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